Each women's treatment is unique... even with a similar diagnosis, everyone has a different story and different road to recovery.

Many women will experience pelvic health issues in their life. Problems such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse can cause embarrassment, discomfort and can change the way women go about their normal activities.

Just because these are common doesn’t mean they should affect how you live your daily life.  Often women fail to seek care for these disorders because of lack of information, the belief that pelvic floor problems are part of normal aging, embarrassment, or even reluctance of health care providers to refer them to a specialist.

We see women of all ages from 16 years and above and treat everything related to the pelvic floor.

The Physio Space Women's Pelvic Physiotherapy

We treat the following pelvic health conditions:

Urinary Disorders

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic Pain and/or Sexual Pain

Anorectal Disorders

Birth Injury and Trauma

What to Expect: Pelvic Health Floor Physiotherapy

We first sit down with you and take a full health history. Pelvic floor issues can be complex therefore it is imperative that we have a good sense of all potential factors that could be playing a role in your symptom presentation.

We then talk you through the assessment process and discuss consent for assessment and treatment. A pelvic floor assessment may or may not include an internal vaginal/rectal exam.

There is, unfortunately, at times, a lot of medical, birth and sexual trauma in our client base, and it is truly our goal to provide you with a safe space such that you can feel empowered, heard and in control of your healing journey.

If the issue isn’t coming from your pelvic floor we need to assess where the source of dysfunction lies within your body.  Our assessments and treatments take into account the whole body and such we are able to zone in on the cause of your dysfunction and achieve results quicker. Our assessments are comprehensive as to encompass all systems that may be contributing to your symptoms.

At The Physio Space and Integrative Wellness Center, we develop a care plan with you based on our findings while taking into account your symptoms, goals and your preferences for care (i.e. prefer independence with home exercises vs frequent appointments for accountability).

Your treatment could involve hands on manual therapy, exercise prescription, education, lifestyle modifications, coping strategies, or referrals to our colleagues in our community as needed.

We check in with you every session to ensure we’re meeting your expectations. We also aim to support you and help you stay accountable while keeping your goals in mind.


Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialty area within physiotherapy focusing on the rehabilitation of muscles in the pelvic floor after an injury or dysfunction. The goal of pelvic floor physiotherapy is to improve pelvic floor function through exercises, lifestyle modifications, education and hands on treatment to decrease and eliminate unwanted symptoms. 

When you book your first assessment at The Physio Space and Integrative Wellness Center, you will be sent an electronic intake form to fill out. It is very important to fill this document out as it gives us detailed information of your symptoms and gives us time to prepare for your visit. At your first session, a thorough medical history will be completed. If you have undergone any medical tests (x-ray, urodynamics), please bring those results with you. A physical exam may be completed. This includes a posture and functional movement assessment along with a gentle abdominal examination. An internal examination of your pelvic floor muscles will be completed with your consent. Following your assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss the findings with you and elaborate a custom exercise plan for you to take home.

Ontario physiotherapists working in the field of pelvic health have completed post graduate training, which includes many practice (hands on) and lecture hours in order to safely and skillfully provide internal pelvic floor assessments and treatments. The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario requires physiotherapists to be rostered in order to perform internal assessments and treatments.

An internal pelvic exam is NOT mandatory but considered as the gold standard to assess how your pelvic floor muscles and connective tissues are working. An internal exam may be highly recommended to further investigate the symptoms your are describing. However, your physiotherapist will talk you through the entire physical exam and encourage you to provide feedback along the way. There are various conditions that can be successfully treated with many external treatment options if you do not wish to complete an internal exam. You will always be asked to provide consent before any assessment or treatment is provided and you are welcome to withdraw consent at any time.

Yes, if you have physiotherapy as part of your extended health benefits, pelvic floor assessments and treatments are covered.


what clients are saying...

I would give The Physio Space 6 stars if I could. The pelvic physiotherapy team is not only super knowledgeable but they also offer a very personalized service. It was easy to build a relationship based on trust, confidence and respect. With their help, my postpartum recovery was quicker than expected. I highly recommend The Physio Space.
I have suffered from pelvic pain for many years, and I am only 22 years old. It was getting so bad that I could not even have intercourse with my boyfriend. With the help of my gynecologist and Chantale, my pelvic floor therapist, I was finally able to live a normal life and have sex pain free. It took a lot of work on my part, but I did it. Thank you to the ladies at The Physio Space. The space is beautiful, you never would think that this is a medical office space.